A Mermaid at Heart

Do you feel the call of the ocean beckoning you as if it were your home? Do you feel more at home in the water than you do on land? Maybe you’re a mermaid living in a human body. And for those of us who feel this way, this blog post might just give you the inspiration to unleash your inner scaled tail and set out on an underwater adventure.

Mer-people, unite!

Not sure just how mermaid-esque you are? This short quiz will tell you just how much mermaid you really are. And if you’re already certain that you are a mermaid, find out what your mermaid name would be

All silly quizzes aside, anyone can feel, and therefore identify, as a mermaid. Not all mermaids have bright red hair, beautiful singing voices, or the split physique of half-human and half-fish. Mermaids are also characterized by personality. According to historical myths, mermaids are shy but friendly creatures who are profoundly curious about life on land. But even if you don’t fit into the classic myth of the mermaid persona, you may still be a mermaid at heart if you are drawn to all things ocean-related. And you’re not alone! While some take it to the extreme, others merely choose to surround themselves with reminders of the ocean.

It’s not a fairytale – it’s a lifestyle

Ready to take the plunge into mermaid living? There are classes for that! Some large cities, like Los Angeles and Orlando have mermaid schools where you can learn how to swim. Human to mermaid transformers must learn to use their bodies in completely different ways. Unable to use both legs and feet for kicking, mermaids move more like worms through the water. Courses also teach mermaids-in-training to properly breathe and show off their tails by doing handstands.

To look the part of a mermaid, there’s just one critical component: a mermaid tail. These shiny, shimmery scaled tails are the most distinguishable and expressive accessory for any true mermaid. The options for coloring and shapes are endless, so every mermaid can find exactly the right fins to swim effortlessly while looking the part.

For the land-locked legged mermaids

Not all mermaids live next to the beach but are no less mermaids. If you’re more of a low-key mermaid or live in a climate where mermaids can’t swim in the winter, mermaid tail blankets are a perfect way to express your inner aquatic-lifestyle.

Splash into mermaid creativity

For those of us who love the ocean and think mermaids are interesting but prefer our human forms, Yaymaker offers projects that speak to the mysticism of mermaid without getting sand in our shoes.

We have dozens of mermaid paintings. My personal favorite has a spark of comedy – Mermaid Bubble Bath.

There is also an abundance of Plant Nite projects featuring mermaids (and mermaid tails) to remind you of your ocean home.

At Design a Sign events by Yaymaker, guests can choose from a variety of designs in our library, including this mermaid-themed design in the Expressions collection.

Finally, for those who value the smell of the ocean to bring back memories of open waters and sandy shores, Candle Maker events give guests the opportunity to create a personalized scent. Decorations allow for further customization to make your candle a staple of your mermaid accessories at home.

To find a project that sparks your creativity and evokes memories of cool breezes and the smell of the ocean, get your tail over to our event calendar and find an event near you!

Yaymaker has a vast project library full of one of a kind originals created by Yaymaker Hosts. All Projects featured here may not be available in your area.

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