You've probably been inundated with wedding invitations making up for the past year. But there's another exciting factor to weddings: bachelorette parties! Arguably the most fun part of the occasion (just don't tell the groom we said that).

Whether you're planning a wild night on the town or a paint party at home, with over 100 unique experiences, Yaymaker is here to fulfill all your bachelorette dreams. Plus, you can choose from in-person, virtual, or hybrid events and share a combination of both.

Here are our top five bachelorette party ideas for 2021 and beyond.

Bonus: The finished projects double up as bachelorette party favors!

The Original Paint Nite

A group of friends at a Paint Nite bachelorette party

You know the drill: you get together, paint, and drink one too many glasses of wine! Maybe you create a masterpiece, or maybe you just get messy (whether that's paint or wine, we'll let you decide). Whatever happens, you'll be having lots of fun.

Our paint and sip parties are legendary for a reason, and if you've never tried one, now's the time. You can paint canvases, wine bottles, glasses, and more—just check out the events near you or see our virtual offerings for more options. You can also make a private booking and customize your design!

Plant Nite

Friends at a Plant Nite bachelorette party

If you fancy an activity that's both unique and trendy, we've got you! Plant Nite is timeless and loved by all.

Whether you want to meet us at a public event or plan a private virtual experience, the options are endless. Get together and gather around the screen or connect virtually with friends and family across the country. You could even throw a hybrid event!

And don't worry about supplies—we'll ship them to each guest.

Create A Ukulele

Decorating a ukulele at a bachelorette party.

Talk about a crowd-pleaser! This one is loved by staff and guests alike.

No musical or artistic experience is needed to enjoy this Yaymaker favorite. We make the operation simple by supplying the likes of stencils and more—whether you’re in-venue or at home. You'll even learn how to tune your uke and play a few chords!

Your finished instrument makes a great piece of decor and becomes a memento of all the fun you had—even if you never play it again!

Mixology (virtual)

Cocktail making bachelorette party

Going out for cocktails is out and making them is in. Join our mixologists as they teach your group to make drinks so delicious, you'll never go back to buying again. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but they're really, really good!

Not only are homemade cocktails far tastier, but also more memorable for you and your girls (depending on how many you drink!).

Choose from our public selection of virtual events or book a host for a private experience. Whether you group together around the same screen or go completely virtual, we guarantee you'll have a fab time either way.

Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms with Yaymaker

When the world shut down, finding a way to continue one of the biggest activities of the decade was essential. Thankfully, we know a guy who figured it out!

We have several options for your digital escape room. For example, "Escape from the Woods," "Escape Captain Barnacle Bones," and "Escape the Mob," which combines escape room challenges with a murder mystery.

Is your bachelorette party up for the challenge?

Make the experience extra special with our enhancements!

If you're planning a private event, we have a range of enhancements to add to your experience, including custom swag, snack boxes, and the option to personalize your project. You can even include a personalized video message from the bride's celebrity crush!
So, are you ready to say yes to the (party) dress and book your Yaymaker Bachelorette Party? Get in touch with our Private Events Team, or head to your local calendar to start planning now!