Mix Scents and Colors to Create Personalized Candles

If you’re one many people who LOVES to use candles, get ready to meet your new favorite thing ever to do. It’s called Candle Maker, and it’s Yaymaker’s creative nite out that’s all about—you guessed it—the art of candle making. If you’re ready to start living your best, cozy life, Candle Maker is the next experience for you to dip into. (See what we did there?)

Decorate your candles at Yaymaker

Candle Maker is all about getting next-level crafty.

You make three candles at this event. You pour ’em, color ’em, scent ’em, and decorate ’em exactly how you like ’em. And, like our other events, you take part in this fun experience at a nearby bar or restaurant. A local host guides you through the step-by-step process of creating the best, custom candle ever.

If you’re wondering how it all works, it’s easy—really! You start by searching for a Candle Maker event on our local event calendar. Get a group of friends together, select your date, purchase your tickets, and get ready to get creative. Like our other events, when your Candle Maker event date arrives, try to show up to the venue a little early if you’re in the mood for dinner and drinks first. While not included in the price of the event, the drinks can, of course, continue as you create your candle masterpieces.

Your candles come to life with the following steps:

Step 1: Prepping the Jars

You begin the night by prepping your candle jars. And, safety first! The first thing you’ll attach is a safety sticker to each jar that reminds you not to eat the candle or touch the flame (you know, just in case). Don’t forget the wicks! Cut the wicks to the right size—that’s 4.5 inches—and attach them to your jars.

Candle Maker Yaymaker Jar prep

Step 2: Scent Selection

It’s a candle-making party! Next up is where you really make your candles stand out. When you add some scents to your candles the combination possibilities are endless. Plus, you have the added benefit of aromatherapy, which can help improve and balance you both emotionally and physically. We have a ton of scents to choose from like McIntosh apple, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, sangria, lavender, mint, and more. Your local host offers lots of inspiration at the event, but if you want to prep ahead of time, some of our past guests have experimented with these scent combinations:

  • Lavender + lemon to create a relaxing scent
  • Vanilla + orange to create a creamsicle scent
  • Sangria + cinnamon + orange to create a mulled wine scent

The combinations are up to you, but just be carefulsome of the scents are extra strong! Your local host can help you select the perfect perfume with your desired strength for the type of candle you’re hoping to create.

Step 3: Wax and Dye the Candles

Here comes the really fun part! Now that you’ve prepped your candle holders and selected your sweet scents, you get to actually make your candles. Get ready to call on your 18th-century candle-making skills, folks (we are headquartered in Boston, after all!) because it’s time to get waxed. The local host will have you and each guest in attendance come up one-by-one to have wax added into a pouring pitcher you can bring back to your table. Then, you can add one to five drops of dye to your wax to make your candles as simple or as colorful as you want. Head back to your table to add in your scents and you’re ready to pour your colorful, wonderful smelling wax into your candle jars.

Pouring Wax at Yaymaker Candle Maker

Step 4: Drink and Dry

Depending on your favorite way to unwind, this may be the really fun part of the night. You’ll line up your candles alongside other guests’ creations to dry and take some time to socialize. Your candles will need about 40 minutes to fully set, so grab a drink and get ready for some fun activities that your local host has planned for you and your friends.

Step 5: Decorate Your Candles

Once your candles are cool, it’s time to visit the Decoration Station! Your local host has everything from ribbons and stamps to charms and stickers to get your creativity flowing. You can use as much or as little of these fun decorations to really make your candle jars stand out. When your candles match the design you’ve dreamed up, you’re ready to get wrapping. Gift bags and tissue paper are provided so you can get a head start on gifting, whether to someone else or to yourself. (#treatyoself, people!)

Decorate your jars at Candle Maker

After this final step, you’re all done. But, your candles will burn forever (or, at least for a little while) as a reminder of the best night ever! If you’re ready to try a Candle Maker event out for yourself, we can’t wait to see what you create. Visit your local Yaymaker event calendar to see if there is a Candle Maker event coming up near you.