Get crafty with these 10 ideas to help you get creative with leftover corks

Are you a wine lover? Hey, us too! And, if you’re anything like the team over at Yaymaker, you probably have a drawer full of corks somewhere in your house as a memory of all the good times you’ve had with friends, co-workers and family. But, even if you don’t, we’re thinking you won’t mind collecting some new corks for some fun projects you can tackle from the comfort of your own home (you know, to keep the creative juices flowing after you leave your latest Yaymaker event!).

Ideas to Upcycle Your Wine Corks

Wondering what you can do with all those bottle stoppers? We’ve all seen wine cork bulletin board and coaster DIYs, but you’re looking for something a bit more unique, right? Well, start popping those bottles because we’ve found some cork crafts you’ll absolutely love.

Earbud Organizer

Let’s start with an easy one. There’s not much to make here, but we’re giving a big YAY to this genius idea: use a wine cork to keep your earbuds from getting tangled.

wine cork earbud organizer Earrings

If you can slice a cork, you can make these earrings. We love that they don’t look homemade, but they totally are. All you need is a few beads and some wire to create the look.

Candle Holder

Recently wrapped up a Yaymaker Candle Maker event? Perfect! These cork candle holders are so cute and simple to make. You can personalize them with different color ribbon to decorate your home or office space, or to personalize the DIY candle you made as the perfect gift.

wine cork candle holder

Phone Stand

Don’t want to spend your next paycheck on a fancy-schmancy phone stand? Make your own! You only need to polish off a few bottles of vino for enough corks to create this clever desk accessory, and that’s a win win in our book.


Ready for a challenge? This incredible mosaic by Allison Baer is made from both red and white wine corks. Her pieces use between 2,500 and 5,000 corks and take about 40 to 50 hours to create. Can you say #lifegoals?! If this is a little above your creative comfort level, that’s OK – you can always visit an Original Paint Nite event instead to paint a canvas while you drink wine. We even have some awesome animal masterpieces you can choose from when you’re booking your event to make something with a similar vibe.

Succulent Magnet

This is one of our favorites because it pulls double duty. Part planter (with adorable mini succulents), part magnet, this tiny creation would look so good holding photos on your refrigerator.

BTW, if you feel like flexing your green thumb, find a Plant Nite event in your area to make a succulent garden of your own. We can’t promise you can take the corks home, but you can definitely say cheers with a glass of wine while you dig into your design!

Furniture Footing

Wobbly table leg? Wine corks to the rescue! Just hot glue a slice to the foot for instant height. You can also use the same technique to keep a chair or table from scratching floors. This cork craft doesn’t just look cool, it solves a problem, and that’s something to brag about to everyone who stops by your place!

Decorative Vase

Here’s another one that may take a little practice. We love the twisty shape of this floor vase, which is crafted of 675 corks. We call dibs on being your friend so we can come over and enjoy all the bottles of wine you’ll need to drink to save up enough corks for this one!

Kitchen Backsplash

If you already have hundreds of wine corks on hand, this one’s for you. Glue them in a fun pattern on your wall for an incredibly creative backsplash that will definitely give your kitchen a crafty, yet updated feel.


Okay, okay, one more. We don’t expect you to make this one, but just to stare at it for a few minutes and wonder what in the world was this guy was thinking.

Have you made anything with your leftover wine corks? Bonus point if it can be used alongside one of the creations you make at our Yaymaker events! How many have you collected? Let us know in the comments, and happy drinking, of course!