Dance Like No One Is Watching

It’s no surprise that humans love to dance. We dance when we’re happy, when we’re celebrating, and when we hear our favorite song. We dance for exercise and to express ourselves and our cultures. But most of all, we dance because it makes us feel good – even if we’re terrible at it! Dance is a form of art and its expressiveness has fascinated painters and sculptors for centuries.

Can’t dance? Try painting.

Not all of us have the rhythm, fluidity, or balance to feel comfortable dancing, but most of us can enjoy the excitement and freedom that come from dance. Whether you love to dance, wish you could dance, or like to watch others dance, movement is part of what makes us human and allows us to connect with others.

Some people have pictures of places they’ve vacationed or of items that remind them of things they love. The Paint Nite painting library has some dancing-themed paintings to inspire you to express yourself through movement or remind you of that time your friend talked you into taking a salsa dancing class.

And if you can’t paint, dance.

During Paint Nite events by Yaymaker, there is typically a break between painting the background and the foreground to allow time for the paint to dry. Some painters find it useful to wave their canvases to help them dry faster which makes for a fun mid-event dance break.

Check out the Yaymaker event calendar to find events near you to find what makes you do your happy dance!

And before you go… why don’t dogs make good dancers?

…because they have two left feet!

Yaymaker has a vast project library full of one of a kind originals created by Yaymaker Hosts. All Projects featured here may not be available in your area.

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