So you went to Plant Nite: You dug, you drank, you dino-ed (and it was awesome!). Maybe you went again…and again. We hear from a lot of people who aren’t sure what to do with all the terrariums they bring home from Plant Nite. They’re already brimming with different plants, colored moss, bright stones, and more, but sometimes you want to get even more creative. Behold: ten trendy things to do with your Plant Nite terrariums.

1. Turn your terrarium into an enchanting fairy garden.

Add miniature embellishments – like mushrooms and cottages – for a more whimsical feel, if that’s your thing. Check out this blog for some additional fairy garden inspiration.

2. Display them in a picture frame

Normally, we wouldn’t suggest deconstructing your perfect Plant Nite terrarium, but if you’re drowning in succulents, we love this idea: display them in a picture frame for a truly original work of art.

Need a refresher course on how to properly plant your succulents in their new container? Check out our blog tutorial on the simple steps to planting a succulent terrarium. 

3. Just add Washi tape

Make your terrarium container a bit bolder with vibrant, patterned Washi tape. We love the subtle look you get by wrapping just the edges.

4. Grow new succulents

Did you know your Plant Nite terrarium is a garden that keeps on giving? It’s super easy to propagate succulents, meaning you can grow whole new plants from each single leaf.

5. Hang it up

Instead of sconces, hang terrariums from wall hooks. They look super modern and make a serious statement – everyone will be stealing the idea.

Or try your hand at a succulent door wreath (sometimes we offer this project as a special event, so keep an eye out!)

6. Let your terrarium shine – literally – by coiling LED string lights inside.

Turn them on at night to transform your tabletop garden into a mysterious glowing jungle.

7. Turn your terrarium into a tabletop centerpiece by arranging candles inside or on top.

We recommend tall pillar candles so you don’t singe your succulents.

8. Make it beachy

Collect shells, driftwood, sea glass, and sand dollars on your next beach vacation and save the seaside souvenirs in your Plant Nite terrarium. Come winter, it’ll remind you of warmer days.

9. Gift a terrarium

As good as they look on your coffee table, Plant Nite terrariums look just as good on someone else’s. Give them away as handmade gifts and add pretty tags with a thoughtful note (because that’s just the kind of friend you are).

10. Succulent wedding centerpieces

Getting married soon, or know someone who is? Put those Plant Nite terrariums to good use by using them as centerpieces at your wedding. We love the idea of gathering your bridesmaids at a Plant Nite event so you can all create décor for the big day. Bonus: they’ll cost way less than flowers.


Terrified you’ll kill the succulents in your new terrarium? Your event host will provide plant care tips to make sure green thumb stays green. Still not convinced? Paint a terrarium instead!

Have you done something creative with your Plant Nite terrarium? Let us know in the comments. Inspired? Find a Plant Nite event in your neighborhood. Happy planting!

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