Getting the Most from Your Roast

Do you need a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Until then, no emails get read, no tasks get completed, no plans get made. Maybe the barista at your favorite coffee shop recognizes your voice at the drive-thru and anticipates the rest of your order. You don’t even have to recite the whole thing anymore (or is that just me?!).

At Yaymaker, we’re with you. And on Mondays in particular, work cannot officially begin until the coffee is brewed. We love coffee so much that we have projects specifically for coffee lovers. If you have a coffee bar at home (or plan to make one), we have you covered with some customizable projects to help tie it all together.

Better Latte Than Never

Latte foam art has become an Instagram-able phenomenon that baristas use to express their creativity. These detailed works are created using steamed milk and a lot of patience and practice.

At Yaymaker events, we want you to walk away with something a little more permanent. And also something that doesn’t require that you have a lot of time and coffee on your hands to master. If this intricate art form is calling to you as the next hobby you’re longing to try, check out this great guide from Chef Steps.

Thinking Cold Weather Thoughts

While summer might be right around the corner, if you love the feeling of cozying up by the fire in the winter with a mug of coffee big enough to dip your feet into, Warm Coffee By The Fireplace is the painting for you!

Or maybe you think of yourself as the Cozy Coffee Queen.

For the green-thumbed coffee or tea drinker, we even have Plant Nite projects that use coffee mugs or teacups as planters. These are perfect for that mismatched cup you don’t know what to do with!

Espresso Yourself

One of our newest experiences, Design a Sign, lets guests pick from a range of customizable stencils. We have a whole selection of “Coffee Bar” related stencils. Stencils are selected at the time of ticket reservation so that they can be ready for your event. Take a look at our blog post about Design a Sign to see how easy it is to create something unique and beautiful for your home or office. At the event, you’ll have access to the creative expertise of your event host, and of course, the opinions of your friends and fellow guests as you create your own masterpiece.

Need some more inspiration? Here are just a few of some of our favorite Design a Sign coffee-related stencils you can choose from.

By now, it’s probably time for another coffee. But once you’re fully caffeinated again, check out for events near you that will satisfy your coffee (or harder beverage) needs while creating projects you’ll be proud to show off in your home or office.

Yaymaker has a vast project library full of one of a kind originals created by Yaymaker Hosts. All Projects featured here may not be available in your area.

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