Plant Nite is better than ever for pet owners! That’s because if you have cats or dogs roaming around your place, you can rest assured that your fur-friends will be in the clear if you catch them attempting to go vegan by noshing on your houseplants (hey – we all like to try a new snack once in a while!).

You may already know that some traditional plants can be harmful to animals. If that has ever made you worry about bringing plants into you home, we’ve got you covered. Each Yaymaker  Plant Nite event is upping the ante – and the fun – by making sure we have pet-friendly, ASPCA-approved non-toxic succulent plants on hand that can add life, color, and fun to all homes.

If you’re ready to get digging and wondering what your options are for keeping your pets safe, check out some of these popular plants you can use to create your living masterpiece:

Blue Echeveria

Additional Common Names: Maroon Chenille Plant, Painted Lady, Copper Rose, Wax Rosette, Plush Plant

Toxicity: Non-toxic to dogs, non-toxic to cats

Burro’s Tail

burros tail pet friendly succulent

Additional Common Names: Horse’s Tail, Donkey’s Tail, Lamb’s Tail

Toxicity: Nontoxic to dogs, nontoxic to cats, nontoxic to horses

Hens and Chickens

hens and chicks plant nite pet friendly succulents

Additional Common Names: Chickens and Hens, Mother Hens and Chicks

Toxicity: Nontoxic to dogs, nontoxic to cats, nontoxic to horses


zebra cactus hawarthia pet friendly succulent

Additional Common Names: Many cultivars

Toxicity: Nontoxic to dogs, nontoxic to cats

If you’re ready to add these plants to your home aesthetic, all you have to do is ask your Plant Nite master gardener for one or more of them during your event! Just remember: while we know that all of these plants look super delicious and nutritious, “nontoxic” doesn’t mean that these will suffice as a spinach alternative when you’re too lazy to head out to the grocery store. Please continue to feed yourself and your pets traditional foods for your appropriate species.

Get your hands on these super succulents by checking out the Plant Nite event calendar.