Plants. Gotta love ‘em! They can really change the mood of a room. They brighten up spirits with their ability to freshen the air and provide some serious de-stressing vibes. At Yaymaker, we love the idea of getting people together to laugh, share a drink and try a new activity.

Plant Nite experience is a lot like our other experiences, with a dash of dirt to keep things interesting. You’ll visit a nearby bar or restaurant where a local host will be your guide for two hours of terrarium making fun. You’ll have just as much fun as you would at an Original Paint Nite event (drinks and friends, check!). Instead of heading home with a beautiful canvas, you’ll be digging into a fun-filled plant design experience. To secure your spot, you’ll sign up like you would for any of our events, by visiting your local event calendar:

yaymaker plant nite succulent party event

When your event date arrives, you’ll want to show up to your venue for dinner and drinks if you’re feeling hungry or thirsty. Once your meal has ended and your event has started, get ready to get down and dirty with a bunch of plant making materials.

Step 1: Plant Prep Work

The first step in your plant-making adventure is learning about your materials (did you know succulents are actually a desert plant?), and then prep your planter. If you haven’t had a lot of success caring for plants in the past, you’re in the right place. Succulents don’t need a lot of water – an important tip you’ll want to take away from the night! Your local host will review your tools, including soil, spades, drainage rocks, brushes and more,. They wil show you how you how to add soil and your rocks to the planter. Once your planter is prepped, you’ll move onto actually adding your plants.

Step 2: Dig In – Planting Part 1

Now the fun really begins. Your local host will review a few different design ideas, and it’s time to get planting. Select your plants from a variety of options like Blue Fingers and Jade Plants . -What you choose all depends on how you want your final design to look. Once you’ve selected three different types of succulents, myou’ll make indentations in your prepped soil and get those bad boys into the dirt. Your local guide will help you to make sure your plants look their very best (this is where the brushes come in!).

Once you give them a quick spritz,  you’ll be ready for what we like to call a Yay Break! Your Yay Break offers a chance to refill your drink, take a stretch and check out what your fellow planters are creating. You may even get to play a game or two led by your local host – every event is different and fun, just how we like it. You’ll also get an overview of our other Yaymaker events so you can get inspired for your next night out!

plant nite group overhead

Step 3: Decorate, Decorate, Decorate – Planting Part 2

The final step in your planting experience is decorating. It’s the perfect time to let your creativity shine. Your local host will provide different sizes of colored pebbles, colored moss, and some other decorative items (think shiny seaglass). The patterns and color combinations are endless, so including a good variety of items is key to making your design really pop. Add these items to your garden, and before you know it, your little plants will be living in a world of design and decor that you created yourself.

Once satisfied with your tiny terrarium, you’ll be able to take it home to enjoy for as long as your heart desires. But, just don’t forget to water your plant babies every once in a while to make them last as long as your memories of your night out! If you’re ready to get digging, check your local Yaymaker event calendar to see if there’s a Plant Nite event near you.