We already know that creating and being around art reduces stress and even eases physical pain. But few of us have the luxury of dedicated time to create art every day. While adult coloring books make creating art and disconnecting from technology an easy and inexpensive investment to help maintain our wellbeing, many of us still don’t use them as often as we wish we could. The good news is that, like the positive effects of being in the presence of art, surrounding ourselves with plants is also good for our mental and physical health.

Get some breathing room

Dr. Bill Wolverton, an environmental scientist employed by the U.S. military and NASA, conducted extensive research on common houseplants in the late 1960s. After decades of testing, Wolverton published “How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or Office,” which provides extensive details and care instructions for indoor plants that are most effective at removing common toxins in the air.

Objects like furniture, rugs, and even standard building materials can release chemicals into the air in our homes, causing allergic reactions and other respiratory problems. And if you’re like the average American, you spend up to 90% of your time indoors, making the quality of your breathing room vitally important to your health. (But seriously, go outside and get some fresh air more often!)

Green with… concentration?

Studies have shown that by performing tasks with plants around our workspaces, we help our brains and ambition, resulting in an increase of concentration, accuracy, and productivity. In the presence of plants on an everyday basis, our memories improve, making it easier to learn and retain new information.

Keep calm and grow houseplants

Just like the benefits of reduced stress from spending time outside, houseplants can also provide a sense of calm and improve our moods when we keep them indoors. This makes them the perfect addition to meditation spaces, bedrooms, and anywhere we seek tranquility.

Healthy and happy greenery

Inspired to add living greenery to your indoor spaces? Both new and more seasoned indoor gardeners love to keep succulents. These desert inhabitants require lots of light but very little attention and watering. With hundreds of varieties of succulents available, these little plants can make a big statement, especially when used as decorations. At Plant Nite events by Yaymaker, guests can choose, plant, and decorate terrariums featuring succulents and cacti in a social atmosphere. You’ll create a one-of-a-kind design while relieving stress with friends. Even if you think you have a black thumb, our seasoned event hosts provide you with information on how to care for your new plants.

But I live in a basement apartment with no sunlight!

Some spaces are really difficult for providing plants the sunlight they need. Others require so little that overhead lighting is enough. But if you have concerns about this, there are other ways to get the health benefits of plants without having to care for them: studies have found that humans react to the presence of plants in art pieces similarly to live plants!

While your air quality won’t improve, you can experience the same stress-relieving benefits from having pictures of plants or landscapes around your home or office.

Whether you’re looking to fill an empty corner of your dining room, purify the air in your living room, inspire productivity in your office, or promote tranquility in your bedroom, houseplants are a small investment in your mental and physical wellbeing. At Yaymaker events, we want to help you relieve stress in a social atmosphere while providing you with the guidance you need to create something that holds happy memories and brings additional health benefits into your home or office space.

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