Up for an Adventure

It’s vacation season – when the warmth of the summer sun reminds us that we should be outside enjoying it! But most importantly, we need to escape the boredom of our daily routines, to step out of our comfort zones, try something new, and explore the world around us and ourselves.

In fact, studies show that adventuring out of our normal routines, even for mini-adventures, makes us happier.

Adventure on a budget

Escapes from the norm give us something to talk about with our friend, relate to with others, discover new perspectives, and engage with our environments in new ways. But these adventures don’t have to be cross-country expeditions, nor do they have to take months of planning and thousands of dollars. They can be as short as an hour-long, close to home, and easily incorporated into your weekend activities. Intrigued? Here is a list of 50 ideas for mini-adventures to get you going.

Something is missing…

Not all adventures need to take place in the hot summer sun. At Yaymaker, we think of our events as mini-adventures as well. They provide opportunities to put away technology and connect with people around you while learning something new. For many of us, paintings, playing in the dirt, or building something creative from scratch is far from the norm. These activities push us to disengage from the problems we face every day and use a creative outlet to process new information, use a different part of our brains, and allow ourselves to be naturally curious.

Paint your adventure

The Paint Nite library has thousands of paintings to spark your inner creativity – even if you didn’t know you had any. Painting your bucket list is an easy way to jump-start your creative and adventurous spirit.

For the world traveler or the soon-to-be safari-goer, we have an Africa inspired painting:

If your backyard is your playground or you love to adventure on four wheels, “Get it Dirty” might be just the painting for you:

And if you just want to get out of town for an unplanned backpacking adventure, “Bon Voyage” has you covered:

Adventures are what you make of them

There’s no how-to manual for creating the best mega- or mini-adventure for you. The world is your oyster! We hope that you’re inspired to incorporate a mini-adventure into more of your free time this summer – and maybe include a creative adventure with Yaymaker at an event near you. Whether you want to see something new, create something new, meet someone new, or eat something new, we have you covered!

Yaymaker has a vast project library full of one of a kind originals created by Yaymaker Hosts. All Projects featured here may not be available in your area.

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