If you’ve found yourself wondering about virtual events vs. in-person events, you’re not alone, but you’d be surprised by what you can get out of our newest offering.

We’ve all endured change in 2020, and any pocket of normalcy we can get our hands on can make a world of difference—which is why we started our virtual events.

Our online experiences include Paint Nite, the original paint and sip party, many of our classic projects, and lots of new ones. We’ve kept all the key elements you know and love but now can do much more. For example, we’ve hosted events in partnership with JOANN Stores with more than a thousand attendees!

So, let’s take a closer look at an in-person event with Yaymaker compared to a virtual one.

In-person experiences

yaymaker flower workshop date nite

Since 2012, we’ve worked in partnership with local restaurants, bars, and venues across the country to provide hands-on experiences that bring people together. 

Paint Nite in Boston was where it all began. Next came Plant Nite, and before we knew it, there was Design a Sign, Flower Workshop, Candle Maker, Make a Mosaic, Create a Ukulele, and the Yaymaker Laboratories all across North America!

Virtual events and experiences

Virtual Paint Nite

Virtual events initially started as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew it was more important than ever to stay connected and continue doing the things we love.

Just like our in-person experiences, we began with virtual events in Boston and with Paint Nite. From there, it quickly developed into much more. You can now enjoy online and interactive cooking classes, comedy events, trivia, and even virtual corporate events!

What to expect: in-person events vs. virtual events

Virtual events vs. in-person | games night

Many hosts who run events in-person now host them virtually too. This avenue has delivered more experiences to our guests while also giving hosts a broader reach. If you’re in Massachusetts, you can try events in Arizona. If you’re in the US, you can try virtual events in Canada. The options are endless.

We’ve also expanded our range of experiences for our online audience. We now offer new experiences like virtual cocktail making classes and trivia nights, which, up until now, haven’t been an option.

One of the perks of hosting events with local restaurants and bars is that they provide us with a server. We may not have on-hand service when doing an event at home, but we CAN save on money!

Going out to an event is often a good excuse to get dressed up, but if sweatpants are more your style, then virtual is the option for you. We typically get a mix of people who like to polish up for virtual events and those who prefer being comfy.

Other than that, you can expect the same energy, the same activities (as well as some new ones), and even the same hosts. Although we highly recommend checking out our new hosts too!

Are virtual events here to stay?

YES, virtual events are here to stay. These events have been an incredible way to expand our offering and connect with more people across the country and the globe!

To see all our upcoming virtual events, visit our virtual events calendar, and keep an eye out for the return of in-person experiences on our website.