Paint Nite: Warm Winter Hideaway

  • 2 hours long
  • Must be of legal drinking age to attend

C$40 per person
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The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

<h2><strong>Paint Nite: Drinking Creatively since 2012, Creating YAY since 2019</strong></h2> <p>Welcome to Paint Nite--just one aspect of our new YAYMaker events! Get ready to drink creatively and leave loud and proud with YOUR new masterpiece! Our local artists will guide you through this painting, step by step, all while allowing your own creativiy to shine. Your ticket price includes all of your painting supplies and personalized instruction from our master artist. Please note tickets do not include food, drink or artist gratuity.</p> <p><strong>Need to Know:</strong><br /> 1. This is an 18+ event. Don&#39;t forget your I.D. as our artist may ask for it! Absolutely no minors are able to attend the event. If you&#39;re looking to bring your little one to an event, please head over to our event page and look for the special tag that says &quot;All Ages.&quot;<br /> 2. Have a large group? Worried about finding seats together? It&#39;s best to arrive early when you&#39;re in a larger group (or when you want to ensure you and your painting buddy can get a seat next to each other)! Let your artist know when you arrive so they can help reserve a spot for you and your group.<br /> 3. This isn&#39;t paint by numbers--it&#39;s so much more fun than that! Although our master artists will give you step by step instruction to recreate the painting you&#39;ve chosen, remember that this is about being creative and--above all--having fun! Don&#39;t stress about getting your masterpiece to look exactly like the artists. Focus on the fun and feel free to put your own creative spin on it!<br /> 4.&nbsp; If you have any questions or concerns about your event, please email our customer service team at</p>

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The Pint Downtown

Address: 10125 109 Street, Edmonton, AB Phone: 780.497.PINT(7468) Website: Email us at

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Natalie B is an artist of many mediums. Whether she's painting or writing, or singing or swingin a hammer, she is always creating in some way or another. She's a mother and an outdoors enthusiast, animal lover and an adventuring martial artist. Nothing scares her, and nothing gets her down.  Her passion is to inspire others to find their creative side, and to believe that 'can't' is not an option. 'All things are possible!'   "Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford