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Tiramisu with Chocolate spread and Mascarpone Cream

  • Ages 6 & up
  • 45 minutes
  • Language: English

  • Live Virtual Event - Interact with the host

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There is nobody we know that doesn’t like Tiramisu. It's a great no-bake Italian dessert, silky, luscious, and scrumptious.

This take on the classic Tiramisu, uses Savoiardi cookies, a chocolate hazelnut spread, mascarpone, and whipped cream. 

If you already like the classic Tiramisu you are going to love this one.  Instead of the eggs, a luscious whipped cream is blended with the mascarpone to make the creamiest of the creams. 

The procedure is very much the same: Savoiardi cookies soaked in coffee alternated to a layer of mascarpone cream and a layer of melted chocolate spread. The longest part is the resting time of the Tiramisu in the fridge and you will need a lot of willpower to refrain from wanting to eat it right away!

Join us in our kitchen, and let's have fun making a delicious Italian classic, with a twist.

You will need a few bowls, a stand mixer or a handheld mixer for the whipped cream, a spatula, a pot and a bowl for the double boiler to melt the chocolate spread, a square baking dish, a piping bag (optional) if you want to finish the Tiramisu with mounds of whipped cream as you see in the picture, a small colander to dust the cocoa.


200 g Savoiardi (ladyfingers) cookies 

1 cup espresso coffee

200 ml whipping cream

200 g mascarpone, at room temperature

50 g granulated or cane sugar

250 g chocolate hazelnut spread

unsweetened cocoa powder, for topping

Your host

Yaymaker Host Loreto Nardelli located in Edmonton, AB

Hi, my name is Loreto. My wife Nicoletta and I are food bloggers and our website is Sugarlovespices. It is here that we love to inspire people of all ages to start cooking. From traditional Italian to fusion cuisine, incredible baking, and so much more, we not only ignite appetites but bring passion to you to create wonderful food in your own kitchen! Come with us and let's get cooking!

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