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Paint Nite: Beach Moonlight

  • Ages 13 & up
  • 2 hours
  • Language: English

C$15 per person10 tickets remaining!

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

Keep the Covid Blues at bay the Yaymaker way!!

A Yaymaker VIRTUAL PAINT NITE event!!! 

Recommended Supplies - Source online, support small local businesses, or use supplies you already have at home! (pencils, crayons, markers, on canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, smooth stones . . . use your imagination!)

 Any size-  whatever works for you! (you can even paint over a previous Paint Nite painting) I recommend Michael's Super Value Pack canvases.  You can get 5-7 canvases (depending what size) for $16 (CDN $) and you can usually use a coupon too.  They are better quality and smoother to paint on. 

Acrylic Artist or Craft Paints:
 Craft paints can be found at the dollar or craft stores for around $2 a bottle.  If buying beginner artist paints, I recommend Liquitex Basics which you can find at any art store, including Michaels.  For this painting, we will be using blue, green, yellow, black and white. 

Paint Brushes
: A variety of sizes

Paint Palette
: A disposable plate, piece of cardboard, or a tupperware lid (finally a use for all of the lids without bottoms!) 

: Water to rinse your brush out between colours.  A disposable cup, old margarine container, or tupperware will do. 

Paper Towel:
For drying our paint brushes after rinsing

Hair Dryer:
 Not necessary, but nice to have to quickly dry your painting between steps if needed.

- Protective apron or old t-shirt to keep your favorite outfits fresh even at home

*** Questions about your ticket or event? Please contact Paint Nite customer service at hello@yaymaker.com ***

Your host

Yaymaker Host Virginia May located in Sault Ste Marie, ON

Creative, fun, and energetic host with a variety of talents!

Host Reviews

5 out of 5 (3 reviews)
Verified Paint Nite Guest

Virginia gave clear, easy to follow instructions and had a lot of great tips. It was a lot of fun and I'm happy with my painting, thank you!

Verified Paint Nite Guest

She enjoyed interacting with the children & the painting we did was great for the abilities & attention span of young children.

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Super friendly and knowledgeable !!!!!! Cute painting and easy to follow steps !!!!!

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