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Ghazal Fine Arts

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Paint Nite: Flower Land

  • For: Kids and up
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Language: English

  • Live Virtual Event - Interact with the host

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C$15 per person
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The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

This workshop will expand your skills in watercolor painting flower land. You will have a great time learning watercolor and create a beautiful and simple flower land with a good result. You will learn how to mix the colors and create shiny flowers, these skills will give you the confidence to let your creativity run free and develop yourself in watercolor painting. 

This watercolor workshop is for anyone who is wishing to paint with watercolor, learn how to control watercolor, and learn some useful techniques of watercolor to create beautiful artwork, so join me and enjoy painting together.

Tools and Materials: Watercolor

Watercolour set (any quality is OK!)

We need some colors like red, yellow, dark pink, pink, light blue, green, white and if you have more would be great.

Palette (can be a plastic plate, ceramic, glass, etc...)

Variety of Painting brushes (at least 2 different sizes of round brushes like #2, #6 or #4 or #8 and one flat brush)

Watercolour paper (8*10 inches or 9*12 inches) 

Water container

Towel/paper towel

Paper Tape - You can tape the corners or edges of your paper down to prevent it from curling.  

A hairdryer is a very handy tool to have but not a requirement.

 This is the link for purchase simple material in watercolor for start.  

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Ghazaleh Naderian , Newmarket, ON | Powered by Yaymaker

Come join me with a fun painting - No experience is necessary! Please purchase 1 ticket for each person painting. You will...

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