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East India Company (Bells Corners)

About this venue

Over the last fifty years, East India Company restaurants have established themselves as providing exceptional fine-dining experiences. Our Garam Masala — a fine blend of spices roasted and ground to make the base to our most classic and flavourful curries — is a Mehra family recipe that dates back five generations and distinguishes our dishes from all others. Our chefs have been trained personally by Kamal and Sudha Mehra, and our Executive Chef, Nitin Mehra, sets the menus in each location, providing something spectacular and inspired, whether at lunch or dinner. Our restaurants are filled with centuries-old Indian wood carvings, paintings, and intricate tapestries — all chosen personally by Kamal Mehra, who had an undeniable passion for South Asian art. It is our commitment to providing outstanding North Indian dishes, the careful selection of antique artwork that adorns our walls, and our family’s dedication to creating an open and friendly atmosphere that sets our restaurants apart.

We take pride in our strong, family-centered management team. Sudha Mehra oversees the operations of all locations, and is based in Winnipeg. She has passed on her decades of experience and knowledge to her children, who have carried on the family’s passion for hospitality and fine Indian cuisine.

The owner of this location, Anish Mehra, is a graduate of the University of Guelph, specializing in Hotel and Tourism Management. He is also a certified Sommelier. His enthusiasm in expanding the business through Ontario is matched only by his devotion to customer satisfaction.

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