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Janna Valle

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Paint Nite: Sunset Blossoms II

  • For: Kids and up
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Language: English

  • Live Virtual Event - Interact with the host

    This event is not recorded

C$15 per person

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The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

For high quality affordable painting supplies for this event, consider supporting a local business! Visit www.canadaartkits.ca for Yaymaker supplies :) Suggested Materials: Canvas: we will be using a 16x20, but use whatever works for you! Acrylic paints: you will need primary blue, primary red, primary yellow, black and white. Paint brushes: An assorted brush pack will work, otherwise we suggest synthetic bristles, in the style/size Flat #8-10, Round #6-8, & Round #1 Paint palette: a paper plate, recycled cardboard or plastic will do. Cup of water: something you can wash easily or dispose of. Protective apron or old t-shirt to keep your favourite outfits fresh even at home.

Yaymaker Host Janna Valle located in Toronto, ON

Long before she graduated from Ryerson's Fashion Communications program (many moons ago), Janna has been the arty kid, getting her ha...

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