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Last updated Jan, 2022

Currently hosting Virtual Events!

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Paint Nite: Dockside Solstice

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Paint Nite: Written in the Stars - Partner Painting

C$15.00/person • Adults Only

Last updated Jan, 2022

Melissa Charbonneau , Gatineau, QC | Powered by Yaymaker
Melissa Charbonneau
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Last updated Jan, 2022

  • Supplies

    A canvas, any size! A variety of brushes, you want to make sure you have different sizes/shapes. The event will be taught with acrylic paints but feel free to experiment with other kinds! You'll want to make sure you have the primaries (black, white, blue, yellow, and red) but feel free to have any other colours on hand. Paper towel and...

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  • Duration

    2 Hours

  • Location

    Ottawa, ON

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