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In 2019 I was named one of The Top 100 Management Consultants in the World by CEO Today Magazine. They tell me that they presented me with this honour because of the Mental Health Science I have developed called The Science of Mind-Kinetics. And it is more than a mental health science! It is a Peacemaker! Within the Science of Mind-Kinetics are 80+ methodologies that reward you with inner Peace, greater Love for yourself and others, and a sense of Joy that you now have the tools to remove your own fears and quickly develop innovative solutions to challenges and goals. I have learned that these tools literally simulate how Einstein used to think. How cool is that? I have used these tools and taught them to folks in 50+ countries and the results are profound. Adults love the tools because they are relieved to discover the root cause of the habits and actions that they wish they didn't have! With that root cause identified, we easily switch their negative beliefs about themselves and others into positive steps forward. And how about children? Children are brilliant with this work. The children I have worked with from many countries find that their marks improve, their attitudes shift for the better (yes, even teenagers!), they live clean lives and many are destined for great leadership roles. I have written many books and published many articles to share the hundreds of success stories. I am married to my husband John and together we have a beautiful daughter. I love to garden, do yoga, go for long walks and create vegan delights in our kitchen! Oh yes, and I love dark chocolate! I love to host experience types that have to do with helping people to emotionally, spiritually and intellectually have a better life. A happier life. A more peaceful life. There is so much chaos in the world with diseases, wars, suffering, and negativity. I have found that the Science of Mind-Kinetics helps us rise above this chaos so that we are very clear and don't get caught up in the madness. And, if you like, once we switch your beliefs about yourself into a highly positive frame, if you like you can take on a greater leadership role to help others better deal with this chaotic time in our history. The world sure needs it, right? My personal style of hosting is one in which I greatly encourage participation. However, if you wish to sit back and silently participate that is also okay. Both types of participation work for me. So dear friends, I invite you to join me on Yaymaker. I will show you how to use some of these award-winning tools on yourself. Then if you have children, you can also help them using these tools. If you are looking for greater Peace, Love, Joy and other types of benefits such as Compassion, Understanding, Respect, and Acceptance, then join me to have some fun and learn a ton about yourself. Your Yaymaker experiences with me will UPLIFT your spirit.


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