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Brooke Carlson has been drawing and, to her dismay, spilling paint on her mom’s carpet since she can remember. All through childhood and high school, she was recognized for her art and creativity. After attending Maine College of Art for a year, she transferred to Keene State College to pursue a financially more “promising” degree. However, she quickly switched back to being an art major when she realized how little room there was for paint mixing and mess making in a math classroom. Back to pursuing her bachelor’s in fine art, she intends on getting her masters after graduation and becoming a professor in art.

Aside from drawing, Brooke’s hobbies include biking, hiking, attending concerts, and spending too much money after a night out with friends. In her opinion, everyone is an artist, it’s all about your perspective and willingness to create. All it takes is a good eye, patience, and maybe a drink or two for encouragement! Brooke is a Paint Nite artist bringin her artistic talents to creating terrariums with all of you!


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