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Yaymaker Host Chef Nikko located in WEST ORANGE, NJ

Chef Nikko

  • Hosting since May 2020
  • 11 events hosted

This platform is unique as I am hosting NUTRITION FIT cooking classes. NUTRITION FIT is a brand that provides nutritional literacy, in an awesome fun interactive class, that teaches you nutritional techniques. All classes are curated and taught by CHEF NIKKO. A private celebrity chef who has a strong command of the culinary arts for over 25 years. Well-grounded as an energetic, healthy & fit chef.  Chef Nikko is a natural leader who always has a finger on the pulse of current culinary nutritional trends. We will learn the educational difference between macro, micro & phyto-nutrients, then execute cooking skills and develop that knowledge into great tasting food. All class ingredients are researched and custom-designed to increase human vitamin & mineral absorption and boost human metabolization. If you don't really know what that means. Sign up for some daily plant-based education and get the whole family involved. Simple DIY in-home solutions to make delicious hand made hors d'oeuvres, quick two & three coarse meals, signature beverages, non-allergenic snacks, and nutritional desserts. Create vegetarian meals that stand alone as well as have any animal protein component added easily. Guests will be taught beginner and advanced platting presentations to wow their friends and families. So get ready to post your favorite shot and #yaymaker #nutrionfit44 on Instagram. Two classes a day are structured to bring cooking bliss to Yaymaker attendees. Day classes are geared toward children's activities and mental health. Youth cooking classes that educated young chefs about nutrition with fun colorful snacks, breakfast smoothies, and light lunches. The options are endless when NUTRITION FIT is training the next generation of young chefs. Had a ruff day homeschooling your children. Looking for something to do? Unwine with NUTRITION FIT after dark adult cooking classes. Designed for a mature audience. Cooking classes that bring nutritional solutions, with live demo support to back up the tuff questions. For example, How do I lose weight fast and keep it off? How do I balance my hormones? I get really bad headaches, what can I do? How can I sleep better? My child has a learning disability and I want to know what foods will help? My lover and I want to spice up the bedroom activities, got any suggestions for that? I am going through anxiety and depression, can what I eat really help? DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? Sign up and learn nutritional food techniques that will positively change your life while having amazing fun doing so. NUTRITION FIT builds a greater relationship with food.  Randomly throughout the adult class, attendees will be encouraged to do light exercises, breathing techniques for relaxation, low impact standing yoga stretches, and even make tasty cocktails or mocktails, in our nightly two-minute mixology hack! Occasionally, we will host nutritional webinars on important topics. We are more than just food, we are, NUTRITION FIT

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