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Dani Modery

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Dani Modery

Dani has always loved to create things but her real passion for art began when she started teaching it to homeschoolers in a co-op group ranging from 11-18 years old. She loved teaching the kids they each had their own interpretation, their own special spark.  She emphasized that there were no mistakes in art, no right or wrong. She enjoyed tearing down the barriers that made them judge their work hoping in the end they would learn to love art and the things they created. The Christmas after her last year teaching, she was given a year of Tamera Laporte LifeBook lessons from one of her best friends. This time it was Dani that had to learn that there are no mistakes or right and wrong in art. She learned through trials, many errors, the encouragement and guidance of her friend to love and embrace her own artistic creations. When Dani is not painting, reading or spending time with her family and animals, she can be found volunteering at her local library.  She was Introduced to Paint Night just a few short months ago by another best friend and was instantly hooked. Through Paint Night, she hopes to be able to inspire others to find their special spark and to help each individual  learn to love their own creations too.


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