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Hey right here you have a well-rounded guy. Who's was born with the passion of being a entertainer. Growing up in a very talented family. I wanted to stand out so I would think of myself as a sponge in the entertainment field. Learning all I can learn. Every kid love Michael Jackson and that was me. I couldn't wait to get out of church to try and moonwalk in my church sock but dancing like MJ is very hard to do but I could sing and talk like him. I had a cousin from Detroit who was an impressionist who traveled on cruise ships being the entertainment. He would make sure he send tapes to me and I would love how he do people like Redd Fox and Stevie Wonder. That was all I needed to motivate me. At least that's what I thought. Being raised in the country and my parents being really from the old days. My dad loved to see his nephew doing good on tape but always told me, "Thats your cousin. Not you. Chances like that don't come around like that around here. A man have to work a regular job to provide for his family." Dont get me wrong but I felt being a entertainer is what I suppose to do to be a provider. While working a normal job. I got a couple shots at that. We would have programs at church and my mom would make sure I prepared a skirt and dressed for it and everytime it would have the crowd eyes filled with tears. Even have people come up and tell me you suppose to be doing this for a living, but I didn't know how to get hold of it. So I stayed just doing local things like skits, being the Master of Ceremonies and just own the program with just being me. Bringing laughs, singing, joking just working the crowd. In my spare time I would draw as it seem to relax my mind and was very good at that. I have created different pics for people either a picture for a frame or tattoos. Not making a penny for it cuz I drew just to make people smile and see their joy of my creation. I have been all on my jobs entertaining people as a way of passing time. Customers would come in for a birthday party and no matter what manager is on duty. If the people ask for a song they calling on me to grace them. So I started calling myself El-t short for my 1st name because people had difficulties pronouncing my name. The end I got from Cedric The Entertainer and I got El-t Da Enataina. So things finally started falling into place in my eyes. I applied for the Nextflix series 13 Reasons Why on being a football player. Being that I played my whole life and played 3 years semi-pro. I felt I can go for that and when I get there show the my acting skills too. Sadly I didn't make it to the speaking role because of my age and not being a local from California but for my dream I willing to put it all on the line. During this time I thought hope was lost until this opportunity jump out at me. I hope I jump out at you too. This is a great guy to have on your team and blast us to heights of being a great and us congratulating each other for reaching Hollywood.