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Emma Goldgar

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“After classing it up for a number of years in southern France, Emma Goldgar and her family relocated to Salt Lake City to live life behind the Zion curtain. An artist since birth [much like the rest of us!], Emma has been intensely honing her craft over the last 8 years with a focus on oil nudes and dark, surrealistic portraits.

Unable to open a jar of pickles and with a tendency to burn cold cereal, Emma’s true talents lie in capturing the beauty that escapes people in everyday life.  Her ability to take an idea and morph it into a painting that feeds the eyes and expresses the soul is why she has embraced art instruction as a potential career… and a substantial background in education and love of teaching has steered her onto that path with even greater persistence.

Don’t be intimidated by how aggressively tall she is- her stature is dwarfed by the power of her infectious smile and her drive in life is to seek truth, beauty, and freedom. Like any other pseudo Bohemian, she will inspire you to want to find these things for yourself in your art and at the bottom of the next bottle of wine.”


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