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Yaymaker Host Jaki McFarland located in Tooele, Utah

Jaki McFarland

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Jaki is a Utah native she moved to Tooele in 2001 with her parents, she loves the small town comodery and close knit feeling there. She can imagine raising both of her daughters there. Jaki has been passionate about art since birth. She started using art as a magical escape for herself. She is always the nominee whenever any kind of artistic ability is needed among family and friends. She recently discovered that she possesses the ability to write or paint on rice and began making jewelry to sell at local fairs and arts festivals.  Art has an amazing ability of bringing people closer and helping them in moving beyond fear and judgment to experience their own creativity from the inside out. Jaki's intention is to uplift and inspire people to create images that feed the heart and soul. She is a very ougoing, fun-loving person who loves to laugh and promotes a great time!