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Jules Pierre Casabonne

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I stand at the center of my earth. I feel power from the vibrant & organic shapes, colors, sounds, emotions, & movements that surround me. At this point, I feel at peace and pray for the ones I love to feel at peace. I love illuminating the earth like bright lights when my paint brush is powered by my heart and flows like water in a fountain, or a goddess gliding in the wind with the palm trees. This is where joy opens its wings and flies around the world to give everyone a special gift.

Painting is a process of healing and creating a safe yet exciting world that works for you. After trauma, anxiety, and heartbreaking losses,  my paintings  have helped me center back to my true self and let my heart, head, and spirit glow vibrantly. I decided they would be a world of pure positivity, kindness, rebirth, and beauty. I would love for you to join me in painting, smiling, laughing, loving, and healing.


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