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I can't wait to take you on a wondrous experience of mind-body healing. You are the magic-maker of your reality and your life, I am here to guide you. Create freedom in your body with yoga as you stretch and twist and let go of stress. Open your mind to change your beliefs and perceptions so you can focus on what matters most. Why focus on the problems you are facing when you can focus on solutions? Enter a dreamy state of relaxation through learning hypnotic techniques. Did you know you are hypnotized every day? Can you finish commercial jingles from childhood? Have you ever found yourself daydreaming? Then you have experienced hypnosis! I am the founder of Hypno Yoga, an extraordinary experience of mind-body healing and connection. I've been teaching yoga for over a decade and I am a certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis trainer. I own two hypnosis clinics in Los Angeles, CA and host virtual Hypno Yoga events throughout the US. Let's have an experience together that you will remember for life!


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