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Kristin Saber

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HI! My name is Kristin. And I am so excited to share my love of painting with you! No matter if you paint like a five year old or like Van Gogh; it’s my goal to make you feel comfortable, laugh a lot and have a blast all while learning how to paint these beautiful paintings together.  

I have three young kids and they keep me young. They give me inspiration everyday even if it’s with crayons, glue sticks and glitter. Kids have a wonderful eye for beauty and just creating something for fun.  As adults, so many of us have lost that passion of just being creative and having fun. I would love to be a part of bring that back.

I had a rough childhood and I learned how cathartic and peaceful painting can be.  I remember at a young age learning how to paint from my grandpa. I have always loved his work and I hope that I make him proud. I have always loved anything artsy. Painting, drawing, music, writing, film…the works. 

I graduated from UC Santa Barbra and loved every minute of my time there. I majored in Sociology with a minor in religious studies. I have a deep love for the ocean so waking up every day to the waves crashing was perfect for me. Also, all through college and long after I worked for Starbucks. Creating those complicated coffees was an art form in itself.I am also a world traveler. I have been all around the world but I lived in Romania for two plus years working with orphan kids. I have learned to be thankful for everything and to live this life to the fullest. This world has so much beauty. There is always something to be inspired by.

Overall, I am a fun loving people person. I love to laugh and make others laugh. It’s my hope that when you come to my class you will forget the troubles of the world, have a great time and take home a beautiful painting to remember it by. I can’t wait to see you soon!


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Verified Paint Nite Guest

Very helpful and encouraging!!!

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Kristin is knowledgeable and keeps the class on pace. She adds humor

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Kristin is a great host with professional manner

Verified Paint Nite Guest


Verified Paint Nite Guest

My absolute favorite. She's funny, witty, and plays the best tunes! Can always count on Kristin to be delightful!!...every time.