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Lynne Potter Lord

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I am known as the Gut-Brain Hypnotist because I am a nutritional expert as well as a hypnotherapist. What’s different about my approach with hypnosis is that I help heal mental health issues by fixing the connection between the brain, the gut and the microbiome. The gut and brain are two parts of the body which have a continuous two-way communication going, through nerves and chemistry in the body. When they truly work together and support each other, amazing things can happen for overall health. 

I help everyday people with everyday problems AND I support people in making huge jumps in personal growth in all areas of their lives. I coach and consult as well as offer group and custom programs. Everything from allergies to sleep issues and weight management (gaining or losing) can be helped with this approach. I hope you enjoy my offerings here to show you what hypnosis is all about and help you make a decision on how hypnosis can help you to pivot - and change your life in the direction you want it to go.


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