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I've been in alternative healthcare since 2004! Initially a massage therapist at resorts and spas and then a board certified Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner since 2008. I teach my patients numerous ways of self care including my most popular tool- Guided Meditation. There are other tools such as hypnosis, food therapies, Hawaiian Energy work, and more! However, what I can offer is live work with groups to help them with learning how to meditate. I use guided imagery, breathwork, and other techniques on calming the nervous system. What I can offer will be self care in the form of guided meditation. I can also give them some tips on acupressure points with essential oils to give them self-treatments. Self care in this form is useful, practical and essential with the stress of these times. Just as being able to do things like paint a picture has benefits just as great as meditation. How I would conduct this mini live seminar would be to give them a few minutes of info on why meditation is so important for the body, explain the benefits and tell them how the meditation would go, and then I'd guide them through the process - about 20-25 minutes. It can be for anyone beginning to learn how to meditate to a person who occasionally meditates. :) Then I could conclude by answering questions if they'd like or sharing their experience. I don't have to add the acupressure and oils part but what i can do is very simply make sure they have an essential oil or two nearby and show them how or where to apply it (on their upper chest or maybe diffusing it). That is it. Very simple style and if it works out great Id love to do more! Also, I do already conduct meditation groups in person (of course prior to this pandemic) and when the global situation is not going on. I have patients I see in person and one on one as well.


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