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Don't believe the hype! Chronic pain is not from old age. It's a need to undo and rebuild muscles that we've over or underused. An amazing 45 or sometimes 50 or 60 minutes class where I take you through mobility enhancement exercises for ALL fitness levels.This is NOT YOGA (..not knocking yoga at all..I love yoga) I modify each exercise so anyone can reap the benefits of this amazing class with results you can feel imediately . This is about YOU and no one else. I will help you unlock the medication free secrets to fixing and healing your chronic aches and pain. It's effictive you need no equipment and its way cheaper than paying for prescriptions. It will enhance your life from the first class. Take control of your chronic pain and own better movement! My name is Mindi Lane personal trainer and mom of two, and owner of MIYO Fitness. MIYO stands for Make It Your Own. We are individuals needing to have exercises that are customized to us, our ailments, and abilities. There is no one size fits all Instagram workout for everyone. With proper nutrition and movement we have to make fitness our own because everyone is different. Not only have we've been sitting around way more than usual some days we're no getting no movement at all! It is time to become. mobile people! Why is it more important now more than ever? What does truly being mobile mean? I will answer all of these questions and more in our Mobility MOB class.


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