Yaymaker Host Naomi Kennedy#TeamGinjaLion located in Victoria, BC

Naomi Kennedy#TeamGinjaLion


  • Hosting since May 2018
  • 14 events hosted

Art is a powerful vessel, for it is a visceral way to merge design, color and symbology. As an artist, community worker Naomi Kennedy holds two integral beliefs. The first are the words of Jon O'Donahue, that "beauty can incite healing on a person when they view it", and the second, the philosophy The Group of Seven explored: the role of the artist is to bring spiritual moments to the masses. These values fuel her art practice. Naomi sees no separation from her life lessons and her art, as she infuses her environmental and societal values into each brush stroke. She takes pride in creating images that can instigate conversations, impact emotional growth, or simply captivate. She believes that every material or space has potential for creation. Through a lifetime of passion for the natural world and environmental conservation, she has discovered a method of expression that has never left her heart. To this day, the majority of Naomi's works echo her love for the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

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