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Pamela Wolfe

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I am so excited to be teaching for Yaymaker, as I truly believe we are all creative, and it's the process that counts, not the end result. So my rules are only that you embrace your perceived mistakes, let go, and have fun...turn off the critical inner self, and let your inner child come out and play!! I have a ver 15 years experience teaching both adults and children , in various things along the way, including creative memories scrapbooking workshops for adults and kids, art docent for grade school for over 6 years, youth group leader, soccer mom, children and adults with special needs , etc etc . I got some passionate about the expressive arts and have worked with both teams and women in using expressive arts as a form of therapy and a working my way towards credentials as an art therapist. (2nd career, my 1st having been marketing and business development consultant mostly ) I am truly passionate about teaching people how to access the creative self's while enjoying the process along the way. And I love all things creative, including creative writing and poetry, recently dabbled in marbling silk scarfs with my hubby, who enjoys all things creative as well .. And in fact we have an art night every week. Art is major part of my life and so honored to be sharing this experience with you!