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Hi! My name is Rachel and my full time job is teaching high school Psychology and American History. I consider myself a life long learner and so I am always teaching myself new things and taking classes. From Improv to painting, pottery and cake decorating, I love learning new things from others! I have even set out on a journey to teach myself one new thing every day in April and record "how to" videos on these new skills for my students and others to share! I call this series, breaking the boredom! I think it is so important that people stay connected and engaged during this time. Although there is so much hurt and hardship in the world right now, I want to use this as a time to learn, grow, reconnect with people, and take time to complete experiences that I don't have time to do otherwise. My hobbies include playing games (including board games) with friends, crafting, baking, teaching, and dancing. The types of events I plan on hosting include learning origami, baking events, and simple crafts with household items! As a teacher, I know that everyone comes to the class at a different place. Some people have lots of experience, while others have none. I know from people in my life that some people need a lot of structure, while others love taking creative freedom. Therefore, in all of the events I host, I will try to give clear directions, but I will encourage personal and expressive freedoms. I love when people take the tools that I give them and make something better than I ever could have imagined. I also am a firm believer in trial and error and being able to laugh at yourself! I will make mistakes (probably on camera too), but that is okay. It is part of being human. In learning my crafts, I have failed so many times, but that is what drives me. In hosting I like to encourage everyone to be okay with mistakes, and show that I will make them do, but we adjust, recover, and persist (just like though this crisis). I hope that you will join me during this time to learn new skills, grow, connect, and have some fun! :)


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