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Yaymaker Host Ric Yancey located in Aurora, CO

Ric Yancey


  • Hosting since January 2014
  • 755 events hosted

I went to the University of Colorado Boulder to get a degree in Computer Science, but I was lured over to Fine Arts by the promise of fame and fortune. I was so sick of seeing millionaire painters and artists getting all the breaks, and I thought, "Why not me!?" I was shocked to find out that there aren'ÂÂÂ’t actually any millionaire artists and painters. Go figure!

But the joke's on them, because I didn't technically finish my degree anyway. I was, once again, lured away - this time to the exciting world of graphic and web design. I started doing freelance work before I finished college. I worked on all manner of web projects and digital art, but something was missing.

I missed the simple joy of painting. So I'm back! I'm connecting with my roots, my roots being drinking and painting... like a real artist!

Upcoming events with Ric Yancey

Thu · Sep 24 6:00 pm $15 per person

Paint Nite: Autumn Owl II

Virtual, Denver, CO
Thu · Oct 01 6:00 pm $15 per person

Paint Nite: Autumn Stroll II

Virtual, Denver, CO