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DC Metropolitan area based artist Rikasso began his self-taught art career in 2013 after experimenting with acrylic paint.  Over the past year he has expanded into new media such as oil, watercolor, and spray paint.  After being selected as a RAW Artist Rikasso showcased his art work in several showcases and charity drives.  He has also performed live paintings and body painted models.  He considers himself a visual artist who tries to re-create feelings with his paintings through colors and themes.  Rikasso will be showcaseing his second solo exhibition Feb. 21st.Rikasso has teamed up with various companies and organizations such as Kitchen Cray, United Empire, Never too Young, and more for many events and charity drives.  To learn more about this artist visit: http://ThoughtsOnCanvas.bigcartel.com or http://www.rawartists.org/riksart


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