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I began to paint when I was fairly young around 10 years old and I have Bob Ross (Late Television Instructor) to thank for that early inspiration in my life. My creative hunger continued with painting murals on my bedroom walls and my face and hands every chance I got. I enjoyed a roaming childhood; moving from Alaska, where I was born, to Hawaii, Idaho, to Michigan, and eventually Bend Oregon. My junior year in high school I realized that painting was that that one thing that truly brought me happiness, and I decided to try and make it my living. I took several art classes at Summit High and I’m pretty sure those are the only classes I never skipped. I was eager to learn new skills and show my teachers what I had created the night before around 2 am. I wanted to paint everything I saw and it literally kept me up all night.

When I’m asked what inspires me to paint it’s hard describe; its everything from the wild intimidation of a tall standing tree with leaves that remind me of thoughts leaving my brain at random, it’s the trance I go into from the perfect dusk sky that washes over me like a warm blanket, to the overwhelming feeling of passion I get when I stare past the face and into the soul of the man I am crazy in love with. Painting is therapy, and this beautiful town with its beautiful people have continuously kept me motivated to follow my dream. I have been showing my art locally, as well as selling my work across the nation, and few pieces have even made it overseas. I also make custom pieces for people, and I have found that my greatest reward as an artist is seeing the joy that my work can bring others.


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Verified Paint Nite Guest

She was fun, entertaining and easy to be creative around. Thank you!!

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Lots of ideas and suggestions as well as encouragement to just relax and have fun!

Verified Paint Nite Guest

That she was fun and engaging .

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