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I am a 20 + year veteran yoga teacher having studied with Shiva Rea & PA.'s Himalayan Institute lineages. I've owned 3 yoga studios, was a director/main yoga teacher trainer for over 10 years, & mentored many professional yoga teachers also. I offer poses, balance, abs, flexibility, good form, some breathing patterns, & brief yoga philosophy in my classes, which are laced with laughter & fun! I can teach anyone from beginner to advanced. PLEASE NOTE: your body is your responsibility, so to stay safe, please check with a doctor before joining, especially if you have bad knees, back, neck, shoulders, etc. since I won't be with you physically. Ask me ANY yoga question & even learn some anatomy as we go. At the end of each class I offer an internal focus to weave yoga into every day life, as well as a few moments of sound healing using a bowl, gong, chime, mantra; OR a micro-meditation. Come to a place of mental, emotional, & physical balance & well-being with yoga! You'll arise refreshed, happy, & peaceful through YOGA with Sati! Note: Vinyasa is my yoga teaching style, which means 1 pose prepares you for the next through purposeful sequencing - like a dance! Want to learn more about me? Check out my yoga background here : www.bmsprogression.com Join me for a unique learning opportunity: Psychic Development! I am also a 30+ year psychic: offering readings, classes, astrology, workshops across the USA, including radio shows & podcasts! Find my psychic, radio, & podcast info at: www.seekingdivinity.com Want to take a meditation class? Learn how to meditate on your own through an experienced teacher, using guided meditations that offer jaw-dropping self-discovery every time you meditate! Each Meditation class brings deep relaxation, explanations of each class experience & how it helps you, & how to set up your own meditation experience at home! Gain peace of mind - learn to Meditate!! I've been teaching meditation for 20 + years, and practicing it personally for over 30yrs - get started today! Want to try a Pilates Mat class? I teach that too, & have for 10 years, both on the equipment & on the mat. While I'll only offer the mat version here, you can still easily tone your abs, butt & limbs with Pilates Mat! www.bmsprogression.com provides a glimpse of my Pilates teaching experience... Find basic sound healing snippets & videos on my YouTube channel: Seeking Divinity with Sati. Sooo many opportunities to be well & happy on every level - with Yaymaker & me, Sati!! I look forward to meeting you soon, Blessings & Gratitude, Sati


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