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Being Creative and Orchestrating Disconstructed Fun is what I'm about!! I'm a Dancer, Actress, Artist and Therapist!! Together we will have fun tapping into our creative potential. We will do creative writing, tell story with our bodies, learn life lessons through old rituals from different cultures and together release what isn't serving us any longer. One thing you won't be is bored!!! I have a Masters in Family Therapy and BA in Theatre. I have danced and choreographed with such rockstars as 7ucky Vita and Eric De Los Santos. I have worked extensively under theatre artists Tekki Lomnickki of Chicago and Susan Danzig's creative writing workshops. I've acted in plays, films and even audiobooks for young adults. I've been named a 'Theatrical Polymath' and proud to say Renaissance Woman. I'm facisinated with different cultures, holidays and rituals. I also love discovering how the arts can open up much healing within us and as a creative community energy source. Looking forward to making connections through creativity with you!


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