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Yaymaker Host Troy Jones located in OWINGS MILLS, MD

Troy Jones

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Troy R. Jones is Spiritual leader, a certified life coach, inspirational speaker, author, social advocate, and a domestic violence survivor. He is also the founder of 108 Community Organization. It is his passion in life to help others find happiness by identifying, acquiring and maintaining healthy relationships. He believes that it is important that a person continually strives to become the best version of themselves. People can do that by overcoming and accepting the troubles of their past and eventually putting it all behind them. Troy has over twenty-five years of experience working to help others to see and achieve their greatest potential. His experience as an instructor allowed him to see, firsthand, how important it is to nurture one’s potential even while facing hardship within their community and family structure. He has endeavored to help people regardless of race, socio-economic background, age, or sexuality. In his many years of experience, he saw firsthand the effects of abuse and neglect on the victims; especially men who are usually expected to harbor their experiences. While he strongly holds that we must protect our women, he believes we must also stand by our males, and empower them to instill resiliency. At least 1 in 6 men have been sexually assaulted and abused. The social stigma and silence around this issue makes it difficult for males to come forward. His mission includes creating opportunities for transparent dialog that he hopes will inspire men to seek the light instead of suffering alone in the dark. 108 Community Organization offers communities various family-centered programs, a curriculum-based support group “B6 Men’s Support Group”, and other resources that instills resiliency to overcome life’s difficulties and trauma, promote growth, and strengthen communities. This is also achieved by empowering men and their families holistically with the tools necessary to identify and maintain healthy relationships spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. As a certified integrative mental health counselor, Troy Jones created a weekly Men’s Support Group called B6 Men’s Support Group. This peer group specializes in helping men recover from trauma associated with abuse and other painful experiences and also helps them maintain healthy Spiritual, interpersonal, and intrapersonal relationships. B6 aims to create stronger communities by helping men to become more honest and compassionate with themselves. It also aims to offer peer support which is essential for the support and recovery of others suffering from abuse. This mission is achieved by conducting 8 sessions that cover various topics and leaves the members with thought-provoking questions. With membership climbing to over 250 men, B6 Men’s Support Group has seen great success over the last 5 years. Troy has recently also published a book called “The Forbidden Journal” that also discusses the abuse suffered by men.