Paint Nite: Koala Daze

  • Sun · May 31 9:00 pm Africa/Abidjan
  • Virtual Venue
    Hosted from: Virtual, CA
  • Ages 13 & up
  • Language: English

$15 per person

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist


This is a Use your own supplies event: You Will Need a canvas (we recommend 16 x 20) or something similar to Paint on,  Acrylic paints Red, blue, yellow, black and white paint opt. Brown & green (at least 1 oz of each). You will need 2 glasses of water and paper towels, blow dryer,  

Dark Purple, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White acrylic paint

Flat brush, small round brush, and a fan brush.     

Your host

Yaymaker Host Melody Gillespie located in STRATHMORE, CA

I realized as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil that I could draw. My drawings were so realistic that as I child I would sell pictures to my classmates of their pets to them for 15 cents. I never stopped drawing. When I was sitting in boring meetings I would draw the people sitting in the meetings. Now that I am retired, I have enjoyed teaching drawing, painting, and colored pencil to others. Drawing and painting is a series of processes, along with the powers of observation. I may have had naturally obtained powers of observation with hand and eye coordination, but all of that can be learned, and I have taught children as young as 4 and others in their 70s. It is wonderfully relaxing and confidence boosting. You will never look nature the same again.

Host Reviews

4 out of 5 (2 reviews)
Verified Paint Nite Guest

Seemed a bit rushed.

Verified Paint Nite Guest

Super nice, and enjoyable!!

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