Cooking Basics

  • Sun · Jun 21 8:00 pm Africa/Abidjan
  • Virtual Venue
    Hosted from: Virtual, CA
  • Ages 18 & up

$35 per person


Let the PopPop in your family enjoy his day off! This will be a family friendly encouraged course! The menu will revolve around our Spatch-cocked grilled chicken on the BBQ with Baked potatoes and Broccoli. The palette of the dinner will depend on our own personal tastes as I will go over various ideas such as dry-rub, sauced, and basted.

 We‘ll be going over-

- Proper sanitation and safety procedure for kitchen tools and contamination.

-Prepping a whole bird; butchering, marinade/seasoning, portioning, and making full use of our chicken.

- Various cooking techniques using a charcoal and gas grill, as well as conventional ovens. 

- Serving and Carving!

 Itll be a great course to build your foundation on chicken recipes, broadening your horizon and wallet ;).  

Your host

Yaymaker Host Richard Ramos located in LINCOLN, CA

Hello all! I’m Richard Ramos from the sunny California Desert and I love to eat to put it lightly. I’m a formally educated cook with professional experience at your neighborhood Beer Gardens up to your James Beard establishments. With cooking being my income, eating would have to be my passion. I’ve touched all over the globe and have seen the beautiful things this planets has given to nourish us. Most importantly, your creativity doesn’t have to stop after your first hobby. Dance in the kitchen with me as we paint our plates and toast to the gods! I’m excited to start this journey with you all and learn something myself. -Richard Ramos :)

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