Paint Nite: Snowy Pastel Pines with Deer

  • 2 hours long
  • Ages 13 & up

$35 per person
Event Passed

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

Looking for an activity everyone can enjoy? Get creative with your kids! This event is open to parents and kids ages 13+. Guided by a local artist, each person creates their own painting, made easy for all ages. All painting supplies are included, and food and drinks are available for purchase.

Need to know:

  • Each guest must purchase a ticket (one adult for every three underage guests, please).
  • All guests under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • We use acrylic-based paint that usually comes out of clothing if you catch it while it’s still wet. To lighten your laundry load, have kids wear play clothes to the event.
  • A host will be taking photos to share, but if you don’t want your child’s picture taken, feel free to ask the host to steer clear of your section.

Your location

Rib Trader

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Your host

Sevn is a strong art advocate. Painting has brought light into her life. Art is her therapy. Her love for art grows everyday and is constantly finding new ways to stay creative. She currently is studying Fine Arts and Art History at UCLA, with a side interest in finance and hopes to continue growing her art brand business. She works on commission projects and merchandise items to monetize her creativity. She specializes in multi-color portraits, but can work with any medium. Her goal in life is to one day have her portfolios fund a non profit community center / low-income housing for struggling artists showing an interest in higher education, career ideas, passion investments; but need a helping hand from lack of supporting families or financially stability. Her passion for painting is her sense of peace and would love to help others find peace in art. Typing in third person was fun.  "Hi Everyone! Happy to help you create. Can’t wait to meet you!" best wishes,  - Sevn ^ _ ^