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General Fitness

Come and get fit with world renowed fitness trainer Tasha Huff! This fitness event is tailored to those wanting to get a fitness regimen started in their life in a judement free zone. Tasha has a long history of fitness including training for the U.S. NavyDepartment of Defense and emergency medicine. Tasha specializesin fitness specialties such as one on one training ,group fitness,health and wellness, health coaching, medical, sports and orthopedic massage techniques. Tasha is also versed in fascial stretch therapy which focuseson better range of motion, recovery, pain management and rehabilitation. With a medical and recovery specialty career for over the past 20 plus years combined, her clientele has consisted ofsufferers of chronic pain and professional athletes in the NFL. Come and get Shift Fit with us! Supplies Needed: - Come as you are and dress comfortably **This class will not exceed 45 minutes in duration**

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YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS FOR THIS EVENT: - CANVAS (*SIZE OPTIONAL) - ACRYLIC PAINT or your favorite medium (2 oz minimum per color) Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, and White -  PAINT BRUSHES (Reccomended Short Handle Value Pack brush set from Walmart, Michael's, or your favorite craft store.  Make sure you have a veritty of brush sizes) -  WATER CUP (10oz tap water) - PAINT PALETTE OR A COATED PAPER PLATE -  PAPER TOWEL/NAPKIN -  APRON or OLD CLOTHES  - TABLE TOP EASEL (*Optional) -TABLE COVER (*Optional) Event will be held on ZOOM.US  Please check your email the day of the event for your webinar invite and instructions.  Please login 15 minutes in advace so that you are ready to go at showtime. Canvas Optional Size - Canvases come in many different sizes.  From thumb nail to the size of a wall.  Canvases are either streched to a frame or come with a cardboard backing.  You can use almost any surface to paint on, canvas, wood, plastic, glass, the options are unlimited.  The artist will be instructing on a 16x20 stretched canvas.   Table Top Easle Optional - Although painting on an easle is reccomended, it is not always necessary.  If you do not have a table top or standing easle, don't stress.  You can also work flat on a table and stand to make sure your image is not distorted or pile up a couple of books/shoe boxes to raise the canves to see what you are doing.   Paint - Artist will be using student level/grade acrylic paint.  

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