Learn to Draw Anime Eyes - Virtual Event

  • 2 hours long
  • Ages 13 & up

$10 per person

Yaymaker Innovation Labs


Staying home get's old fast! Join our virtual Sketch Party,  It has all the fun and interaction of a regular Yaymaker event from the comfort of your home.

Go through the regular check out process, and take a look below at supply recommendations. Buy them online at the links below, use your own, or support a nearby local business. Instructions for joining your live virtual event will be emailed directly to you. There you’ll get step-by-step instructions and a friendly face from the Yaymaker community bringing creativity straight to your screen. It couldn’t be easier! If you dont receive your link, please reach out to Dvargas@yaymaker.com

Say bye-bye to bored days at home and hello to Yaymaker Fun!

Stay safe & keep creating!

Recommended Supplies - source online, support small local businesses, or use supplies you already have at home!

- Thick Drawing Paper or a canvas or anysize

- Color Pencils, a regular pencil, a pen and A Sharpie.

-Paint Is optional if no color pencils or even crayons

- Color Pencil Colors to have are: Red, White, Black, Yellow and green

- Protective apron or old t-shirt to keep your favorite outfits fresh even at home


Your location

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called Virtual Venue: Your Device located in Sacramento , CA
Virtual Venue: Your Device

Using your device at home, you will stream this amazing event. 

Your host

Yaymaker Host Kate Griggs located in Sacramento, CA

You can follow me on Instagram @KatePaints_Sac  Let's paint something beautiful together! After working with Paint Nite for almost two years, I have seen thousands of painters discover their creative side. Night after night we paint, party and make some fun memories.  As a child doodling all over my schoolwork, I loved to entertain friends with funny comics. I continued to draw, paint and distract my friends throughout school leading me to pursue a Bachelors of the Arts in Art Studio with a double major in Communication from UC Davis. As a recent graduate, I love spending my time being creative and paying off my student loans. See you at Paint Nite!