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Wendy Anderson ART BASH

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Paint Nite: Polar Bear Pair

  • For: Kids and up
  • 2 hours
  • Language: English

  • Live Virtual Event - Interact with the host

    This event is not recorded

$15 per person

  Available as a Private Event: Book Now

The Original Paint Nite: Unleash your inner artist

Virtual Paint Nite: This Event is Self-Supplied

Get creative with this easy step-by-step canvas painting event powered by Yaymaker for beginners and all levels! 

For a more detailed supply list visit our artist team website @ https://wendyanderson.art/supply-guide

SELF SUPPLY CHECK LIST What you need to get started and join a local artist live from your home using ZOOM:

  • ACRYLIC PAINT: In primary colors: 
    • white
    • black
    • red (magenta, bright)
    • yellow (lemon/primary)
    • blue (cyan, cobalt, phthalo) 
    • (recommended brands of paint Art Alternatives, Blickcrylic (blick), or Liqitex acrylic paint) I don’t recommend craft paint.
    • 1" square (12 flat/bright/wash) 
    • 1/2” square (6 bright) 
    •  small round detail (1-3 round)
    • 16 X 20 OR 12X16 stretched or panel
  • EXTRAS (found around the house)
    • paper plate or pallet
    • cup for water
    • paper towel or microfiber towel/rag
    • easel (optional)
Please email to: hello@wendyanderson.art for any questions! 

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Let’s Unleash Your Inner Artist! Virtual Paint Nite is amazing and currently our most popular offering. After 7yrs of experience t...

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