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The Black Marlin

About this venue

It’s only fitting that The Black Marlin opened for business in the historical Tustin Garage. When the Garage first opened back in 1915, customers got the full treatment. No motorist drove away with just gasoline. Each car received oil, radiator and tire checks, as well as a sparkling clean windshield and windows. Attendants hurried to wait on each driver as they remained seated. It was all about service back then, and you’ll find it’s all about service now.

Our weekly entertainment lineup is arguably the best in Orange County. It is not uncommon for folks to drive all the way from Los Angeles or San Diego just to hear the best Jazz performers in the country.

But we like to think of The Black Marlin as more than just a wonderful place to eat or be entertained. We make it our responsibility to make sure your experiences with us are memorable ones. Our promise to you is that we will always strive to reach and surpass your dining and entertainment expectations, and leave you with wonderful memories of the important days you decide to share with us.

Welcome, to The Black Marlin

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Upcoming events at this venue

  • Valentine's Day

Paint Nite: Ocean Love

$29.00/person • Legal Drinking Age
The Black Marlin - Tustin, CA

Paint Nite: Gnomaste

$29.00/person • Legal Drinking Age
The Black Marlin - Tustin, CA