Paint Your Pet Events 2

  • 2 hours 30 minutes long
  • Ages 21 & up
  • Promo codes/Vouchers not accepted for this event

$45 per person
Sales Closed

Paint Your Pet: Capture your beastie's best side

Paint Nite loves pets, and we think they deserve their own portrait... painted by you! We will use a photo to pre-draw your pet onto a canvas ready for you to paint in the colors! This event will likely last 2-3 hours due to the added challenge and detail. Any pet is welcome - dogs, cats, birds, lizards, etc. Use a clear well-lit photo of your furry friend (just one pet at a time please).

Due to the extra preparation time, no refunds will be given and no discount offers will apply to this event.

This event if 21 and over. We provide everything you will need for use at the event: canvas, paints, brushes and even an apron to wear that night. You just bring your fun-loving friends and have a few drinks to keep the sprits high and inhibitions to a minimum, and we'll make sure your inner Picasso is unleashed. Seating is first come, first served. Please arrive 20 minutes early to be seated and make your food/drink order with the server. You are welcome to come and eat early before the event--you probably will want to come at least an hour earlier to do so. Guests can begin coming into the event space 30 minutes early to check in and save seats. Your artist works hard to help you Drink Creatively at every Paint Nite event...please remember that Paint Nite is an entertainment service, and thus tips for your entertainer are appropriate! Every artist has a tip jar at the event. 

Your location

A photo of a Yaymaker Venue called The Watering Bowl located in Denver, CO
The Watering Bowl

Watering Bowl is Denver's first dog friendly tavern.  If you love your dog and love taking them with you everywhere this is the place for you.  Not only do we have great food, great drinks and great pets, we strive to make every minute you spend with us spectacular.  Come see what customer service used to be like! *Unfortunately you can't bring your dog inside where the painting takes place. Pleas don't bring your dog. Please note: Paint Nite is only for adults age 21 and older. This is NOT a BYOB event. Drinks, food and gratuity are NOT included in the ticket price.

Your host

Yaymaker Host Ric Yancey located in Aurora, CO

I went to the University of Colorado Boulder to get a degree in Computer Science, but I was lured over to Fine Arts by the promise of fame and fortune. I was so sick of seeing millionaire painters and artists getting all the breaks, and I thought, "Why not me!?" I was shocked to find out that there aren'ÂÂÂ’t actually any millionaire artists and painters. Go figure! But the joke's on them, because I didn't technically finish my degree anyway. I was, once again, lured away - this time to the exciting world of graphic and web design. I started doing freelance work before I finished college. I worked on all manner of web projects and digital art, but something was missing. I missed the simple joy of painting. So I'm back! I'm connecting with my roots, my roots being drinking and painting... like a real artist!