How to Make Beer Bread from Scratch - Virtual Event

  • Ages 6 & up
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This is  Mountain Time Zone 12 p in Pacific and 3p Eastern if you are another country I do have conversions for cooking 

How to make beer bread-This bread is amazing and fun

Great for someone who doesn't have cooking skills- I will teach methods 

Time to have fun with a 12 ounce beer without getting tipsy 

What you will need 

1-12 ounce can of of beer any flavor ( Each flavor of beer makes a unique breed)  Apple cider, stout or even pumpkin

3 cups flour-do not use self rising flour, but if this is the only kind do not add baking powder or salt 

1/4 Cups Sugar

3 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 cup butter (Add into batter if you want softer bread-Add on top of bread while cooking makes very crispy bread)

You can make this in cupcake pan, glass pan or bread pans- Times will vary 

You will need measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing spoon, rubber spatula, sifter (for flour) and a mixing bowl.

 You can make this in cupcake pan, glass pan or bread pans- Times will vary 

If you would like to add some mix in’s: Cooked diced bacon, grated cheese, diced peeled apples, sage, dill ect 

FYI the alcohol burns off so great for entire family

Please connect with me if you have any questions if you do not get your zoom link please connect this way also.  I have a list of everyone who has bought tickets.  



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The recipe was good. A much lighter meal than eating in the Chinese restaurant. I will make this again. I purchased a lot of ingredients that we didn't use and that were not mentioned. My fault for not asking more questions. On a zoom call I really do thin

Verified Cooking Guest

The video quality was poor, I missed about 30 of the event because she didn't see that I was trying to log. We were way off topic for the majority of the class time.

Verified Cooking Guest

Friendly and patient

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